English Fluency & Confidence Coaching

Why should you try my coaching sessions?

  Free, no-obligation trial lesson, with feedback on your level and suggestions for future classes

  A qualified, native speaking teacher with almost 15 years of experience who can motivate you to keep studying!  

  Flexible schedules – morning, afternoon or evening classes available every day of the week

  Fully online classes or use my amazing, comfortable learning space in Barcelona 

  My exclusive F&C English Method, which includes high-quality, personalized materials, content, and topics, as well as a personalized learning system which helps you develop as an independent learner, pushes you to learn through your passions, and make English a part of your daily experience

  Current and interesting multimedia materials sent to your email before every class, so you can improve your listening and reading comprehension before class

√  Fun, weekly online quizzes so you can see how you are progressing 

  Engaging discussion topics that change every class so you are never bored

√  The opportunity to practice critical thinking in English, developing opinions and creative ideas for inspiring questions in each class

  Cutting-edge methods focused on speaking so YOU speak a lot AND gain confidence

  Translation, proof-reading, text-correction and writing-improvement service (for additional charge) 


Meet the coach


How do my classes work?

1. Read, watch and think about the materials you are sent before your class. Each week there is a different topic. To see a sample of the topics , click here!

2. Take your class face-to-face or online from wherever you feel most comfortable

3. Consolidate and refine your skills with a weekly, personalized online quiz

4. Get the level of fluency and confidence you want!

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How are the classes?

Fun, dynamic and always personalized according to the student’s profile: Personal interests, available time commitment, English level, and learning style. They are focused on speaking to improve fluency in addition to building your confidence (you’ll talk a lot!) while speaking about diverse, interesting and always current topics. Only when appropriate do we look closely at the rules of the language and grammar to communicate and be understood more accurately. Weekly or monthly, I will send you a fun “quiz” that can be done on your phone, tablet or computer, as a reinforcement of the most important points of the class (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.)

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The STELLAR method is based on the notion that languages ​​are learned more effectively in a “natural” way, that is, not focusing on grammatical issues from the beginning as traditional language schools do, but studying through the student’s own interests and passions. A language, contrary to what some say, is not learned by memorizing a list of grammar points and practicing it in a controlled way, but by making an effort to communicate in situations and on memorable topics, and in our case, with the support of a teacher who helps you with your communication difficulties. The emphasis, above all, is on making the participant feel comfortable being himself or herself, an individual, in the new language.

The STELLAR philosophy

We focus on the personal and professional development of our client through personalized training and with the aim of getting the best out of him or her. In addition, we work so that the classes … improve the client’s ability to speak and be understood in English with more fluency, vocabulary and self-confidence for personal or professional reasons. Our programme motivates and stimulates learning through a participatory and interactive method that includes the use of technology and / or a variety of dynamic and enjoyable activities such as simulations, role-playing games, and topics or situations found in their professional life or real life to motivate and enhance learning.


Classes are available for students of all levels of the European Framework for Languages (A1-C2), with a focus on levels from B1 to C2. Contact me to organize a free consultation session to discuss your sitation and your learning needs.


Contact me for a free consultation.

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