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Nuestro método se base en la noción de que uno aprende un idioma mejor a través de temas memorables y cautivadores que tienen interés particular para el alumno.

Con ese propósito, antes de cada clase, recibirás materiales directamente en tu buzón de correo electrónico. Los materiales incluyen un artículo y un video, mas el vocabulario clave y una serie de preguntas para la clase. Los temas se renuevan de forma constante y se eligen de forma personalizada para cada alumno para que puedan expresarse sobre lo que mas les interesa y ampliar su confianza, fluidez y vocabulario con cada clase! 

Algunos ejemplos de temas ya disfrutados por mis alumnos:

  • Virtual and augmented reality – Are you ready for it? (La realidad virtual y aumentada)
    • Can you imagine a world with virtual reality in the everyday? How far could it take us and will this be an improvement of our current life?

  • What does your dream home look like? (¿Como es la casa de tu sueños?)
    • First let’s have a look at some of Spain’s most luxurious and outlandish homes, with a quick viewing of an episode of “The World’s Most Incredible Homes” (Netflix). What do you like about these homes – and what is your dream home like?

  • Marie Kondo and the minimalism trend (El fenómeno de Marie Kondo y la tendencia del minimalismo)
    • She is an international celebrity, helping to turn our homes into tidy, clutter-free havens of zen. Do you share her philosopy? Are you obsessed with order and organization too? Or do you prefer “creative chaos”?

  • Dying languages – should we save them? (Las lenguas en peligro de extinción)
    • One day, there might only be a few big languages spoken. Do you think this is a good or bad thing? If we lose a language, are we losing a culture too?

  • How can you increase your creativity? (Como puedes incrementar la creatividad?)
    • Are you a creative person? How do you like to express your creativity? Is a creative person born or made?

  • Monarchies: Should we keep them or abolish them? (Las monarquías: Debemos mantenerlas o abolirlas?)
    • Have you watched “The Crown”? Are you for or against Monarchies? If you could be any member of a royal family, who would you choose to be?

Otros temas vistos recientemente:

  • Is it time to recognize polyamourous relationships?
  • Our addiction to plastic – what is the solution?
  • Is grafitti art or vandalism?
  • Decision-making – what are the keys to making better decisions in our lives?
  • Should we raise our children to be gender-neutral?
  • Is home-ownership still worth it?
  • Do you keep up with the Kardashians? Is reality TV real or is it fake?
  • Being a parent during the pandemic
  • What kind of intelligence do you have?
  • Are you “BO-PO” (body-positive)?
  • Which is better – a flat or traditional company hierarchy? 
  • Finland is the world’s happiest country – but would you like to live there?
  • Are the rich really happier than the poor?
  • Have you experienced burnout yet?
  • “The neighbour’s window”…an Oscar-award winning short film – is the grass always greener on the othe side?
  • Do you think plastic surgery is justifiable? 
  • The meditteranean diet is just a myth! (True or false?)
  • What is androgenous fashion – would you wear it?
  • Robots are coming! Are you afraid of a future full of them?
  • When is tourism too much of a good thing?
  • What is “slow living” and do you want to slow down?
  • The moon landing…9/11….COVID 19….Do you believe in conspiracy theories?
  • Y muchos mas!

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