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Welcome to my website!

Whether you’re a university student soon to head out into the “real world”, a professional with a successful career, or someone interested in expanding their cultural horizons, I can help you reach your objectives. Learning English is hard work, but my classes make it interesting, motivating, fun and worthwhile! You can study online, at your own pace and with a schedule that suits you best.

You’ll prepare your classes with fascinating materials, and then improve and learn while asking and answering questions, talking about and giving your opinion on real world topics. Give my classes a try and I’m sure you’ll agree they are the best language classes you’ve ever had!

Who am I?

I’m Pierre, a professional teacher and language coach for over 15 years who is passionate about motivating and developing learners, experimenting with the latest training techniques, and communicating knowledge to the wider community. I give private and group lessons for individuals and companies. During the summer, I teach EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses for the University of Bristol.

What is good teaching? It’s empathy, it’s understanding, it’s good listening skills, and a sincere desire to see your student grow and develop.

From my home in Barcelona, I help my clients reach a higher level of English communication, boosting their motivation and self-confidence, as well as their ability to speak, read, write, and understand (with precision) in a variety of both professional (international conferences, meetings with clients, writing emails, reports or contracts, succeeding in exams and job interviews) and personal contexts (travel, entertainment, international friendships).

My clients are made up of driven and ambitious individuals; creators and problem solvers in varied career paths who are excited about the opportunities that this world has on offer.

As open and respectful to other cultures and identities as you are, I want to help you enjoy and benefit holistically from your learning journey and help develop your skills to prepare you for the future, on whichever path it may lead you.

My qualifications

  • Graduate of King’s College London (UK) and Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
  • Qualified teacher with CELTA, IBET, and DELTA diplomas
  • C2 level in Spanish (Instituto Cervantes), Bilingual in French, and beginner in 中文
  • Nearly 15 years of teaching experience in Europe (Spain, France, the UK) and Japan.

My passions

  • Fun and interesting language classes
  • Seeing people grow and enhance their abilities and talents
  • New technologies making learning fun and easy
  • Meeting people from around the world and learning about their dreams

To see what my current and past clients say about my classes, click here.

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