Coronavirus Update

Dado la situacion actual en España y el estado de alarma decretado por el Gobierno de España, todas las clases presenciales se convertirán en clases a distancia (por Skype) hasta el lavantamiento del estado de alarma. En todos casos, nos esforzarémos para asegurar que todos los aspectos de las clases así como la calidad de enseñanza y servicios prestados se mantiene igual durante éste periodo. ¡Muchas gracias por su comprehención! 



A tree planted for every student in 2020

Climate change and the environment are issues on everyone’s mind these days, and my students (my clients) are no exception. It’s one reason why I’ve decided to make an initial, and modest, contribution to the fight by planting 2 trees for every student of mine in 2020 and beyond, through an organization called ReforestAction.

ReforestAction is a French NGO which, together with its partners, funds and carries out the growing of seedlings and planting of trees around the world in areas devastated by fires, deforestation, industrial agriculture, flooding, and more.


Their replanting projects span the globe and have included ones right here in Catalunya, where ReforestAction planted 2000 trees in El Bruc (just outside of Barcelona), an area devastated by fire a few years ago. They currently have projects in Palencia (Spain), as well as across Europe, Peru, three projects on the African continent and in Sumatra, Indonesia!

Scientists say planting trees (even on a large scale) is not enough to halt climate change or to absorb all the extra CO² were pumping into the environment, but it’s part of the solution. We also have to change the way we create energy, the way we travel, get around and heat our homes, what we eat, and nearly every aspect of our lives.

Planting trees is also a great way to green the Earth and create more space for biodiversity including animals, birds and insects, not to mention promoting meaningful and sustainable employment!

In the future I hope I can expand my contribution to this important project and if you want, you too can plant a tree, or an entire forest, in the region of your own choosing!

Thank you for being part of this immensely important challenge for 2020!




Las clases particulares y de grupos empezaran este año academico la semana del 23 de septiembre. Bienvenidos a todos los nuevos alumnos y participantes – let’s start an amazing language journey!

You at your next English meeting. Full of confidence.

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