Business English

Do you need to brush up on your professional English skills?


Choose from our a-la-carte menu of Business English options, and then combine them with one-to-one coaching to turn you into a star! 


  • Presenting in English:  Practice and dramatically improve the execution of a new or already prepared presentation.


  • Effective Power-Point Presentations:  Learn how to use this tool effectively to maintain the attention of your audience. Start from scratch or improve an already prepared presentation!


  • Speaking at meetings: Improve your assertiveness and learn how to speak up, state opinions, disagree, interrupt, and listen more effectively!


  • Training others in English: Learn the language used to present information, give instructions, as well as give and ask for feedback.


  • Emailing in English:  Be polite, firm and elegant all in one! The class can be done entirely by email.


  • Biz-talk:  Improve your fluency and confidence when speaking about topics and issues relating to your company, sector, industry, or business in general.



Classes can last between 1-2 hours, alone or as part of a weekly schedule. Contact me for more information! 




Necesitas mejorar tu redimiendo en cuanto a tus competencias profesionales en inglés?

Elige de nuestra carta de opciones de formaciones Business English.

Próximamente en español


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