Business English

Become a fluent and confident speaker.

Improve your professional language skills.

Do you need to brush up on your English for work? Choose from our a-la-carte menu of Business English options, and then combine them with one-to-one coaching to turn you into a fluent and confident pro. 

*NEW: Todas mis formaciones son bonificables a través de la FUNDAE en caso de empresas registradas. Trabajamos con una entidad organizadora que se encarga de todo.


  • Presenting in English:  Practice and dramatically improve the execution of a new or already prepared presentation.
  • Effective Power-Point Presentations:  Learn how to use this tool effectively to maintain the attention of your audience. Start from scratch or improve an already prepared presentation!


  • Speaking at meetings: Improve your assertiveness and learn how to speak up, state opinions, disagree, interrupt, and listen more effectively!
  • Training others in English: Learn the language used to present information, give instructions, as well as give and ask for feedback.
  • Biz-talk:  Improve your fluency and confidence when speaking about topics and issues relating to your company, sector, industry, or business in general.


  • Emailing in English:  Be polite, firm and elegant all in one! The class can be done entirely by email.
  • Report-writing: Learn to write in a clear but formal style that resonates with business audiences.

Not all of us are Marie Kondo. She became America’s darling while barely speaking a word of English. But what she lacks in English skills, she makes up for it with her special way of presenting and connecting with her audience. From that we can all learn that it’s not just language that matters.

Pierre Herman

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